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At English With Pandita, we strive to empower students to tackle challenges head on and to reach their potential through high quality teaching and dedication. Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses, where you can book a trial class to meet the teacher and find out more about how you can reach your potential and goals in the English Language. Need advice or further information? Contact us today!

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English With Pandita was born out of a simple idea: bringing high quality and affordable teaching to the entire community. Our unique approach to learning and teaching makes English With Pandita one of the best schools around. We invite you to explore our engaging and diverse course schedule, and stop by for a visit at your convenience. As a student of languages, Pandita understands the trials and tribulations throughout the process as well as the happiness of success. The aim is to bring you success, confidence and joy in your learning journey with support and understanding throughout.


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